Our product is a natural product made from the best choice of cassava, so we do not need to add other additives.

Mahkota Dollar currently has 3 product variants:

  1. Master Mahkota Dollar  (Premium)
  2. Red Mahkota Dollar (Super)
  3. Green Dollar (Normal)

Mahkota Dollar starch can currently only be purchased through our factory. If you need purchasing and cooperation opportunities, please contact customer service Aditya (+62 821-3481-5150).

“Our products can be stored in airtight, sealed containers and kept in a dry and non-moist location

You can currently purchase Crown Dollar starch only through our factories in Pati and Bogor or also can visit our official store on Shopee website.

We recommend using our product within 1 year to get the natural benefits contained in it. Although our product has an expiration date of 2 years, the best use that we recommend is still within the first year.

Yes, Crown Dollar flour is a gluten-free product that is safe for consumption for those with gluten allergies.

Yes, Mahkota Dollar products are certified halal

“Yes, Mahkota Dollar is currently in need of distributors to be agents in every city. If you’re interested in becoming a Mahkota Dollar distributor, please contact our customer service Aditya (+62 821-3481-5150) immediately

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